Rift - Super Killer Fragile

Rat Breed - Evoke the Blaze

Big Bad Wolf - Outrage of Modesty

Aquilla - The Day We Left Earth

On My Command - Apparitions

Dark Sky - Once

Gumo Maniacs - By Endurance We Conquer

Fabulous Desaster - Hang 'em High

Domination - Reunion

Midnite Hellion - Condemned to Hell

HellHaim - Slaves of Apocalypse

Don't Drop the Sword - Path to Eternity

Unitra - Lock up your Daughters

Recker - Manifest Destiny

Space Vacation - Lost in the Black Divide

Tad Morose - Chapter X

Velvet Viper - Respice Finem

Vigilante - Terminus of Thoughts

Emerald Sun - Under the Curse of Silence

Helloween - Pumpkins United (Single cd)

Magical Heart - Another Wonderland

Vigilante - IV

Shezoo - Agony of Doubt

Millennium - Awakening

Midnight Messiah - Led Into Temptation